Friday, March 22, 2013

New Research Report about Sexual Life

New Research Report about Sexual Life

No sex, please, it's Tuesday: Beginning of week is least sexy day... and when we DO get frisky we want 23 minutes of it, on Saturday, before 11pm, and with lights ON

Only 4% of couples have sex on Tuesday, 37% on Saturday
Ideal amount is once a week for 23 minutes... and before 11pm
'I have a headache' excuse only used by 1% of people
Ideal position is woman on top

Saturday - 37%
Friday - 23%
Sunday - 16%
Monday - 8%
Wednesday - 7%
Thursday - 6%
Tuesday - 4%

66% Women 88% men would rather have sex with the lights on - the main reason being they like to see their partner's face and body, according to research into sex rituals by Lovehoney, Britain's largest sex toy retailer.

But while most of us enjoy a bit of light in our love lives, a third of women would rather remain in the dark because they are self-conscious about their bodies (36 per cent), while 19 per cent feel it is a more intimate experience. An adventurous 19 per cent admit they are less inhibited when the lights go out.

(Furthermore, the ideal amount of sex we'd like to be having is just once a week, before 11pm and for 23 minutes, according to online pharmacy who also learned that the ideal position is the woman on top.)

The weekend is still the most popular time to have sex, with 37 per cent of couples picking Saturday as their favourite day for getting steamy, and 23 per cent opting for Friday.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 73 per cent of men say they never turn down their partner's, advances while 46 per cent of women claim they never say no either

And while men insist that they instigate sex 79 per cent of the time, women say that they are responsible for making the first move in 46 per cent of cases.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, 73 per cent of men say they never turn down their partner's, advances while 46 per cent of women claim they never say no either. Almost a third of women (30 per cent) turn down their partner 10 per cent of the time.

When it comes to the circumstances for instigating sex, the most likely spark is a caress or a kiss.
Some 12 per cent of couples say they have sex after one of them gives a 'flirty look'.
Couples tend to have just gone to bed, be watching TV or sharing a bottle of wine when the moment arises.
Couples who want to break their sexual routine are most likely to have sex in a hotel (19 per cent), followed by outdoors (16 per cent), the shower (16 per cent), the sofa (13per cent), a beach (10 per cent) a car (nine per cent) or the kitchen (seven per cent).

A kiss - 23%
A caress - 23%
Just got into bed - 14%
A flirty look - 12%
We were talking about sex - 7%

Just gone to bed - 33%
Watching TV - 30%
Sharing a bottle of wine - 10%
Been on a night out together - 9%
Just arrived home from work - 7%

Lovehoney polled 1,654 people for its Fast & Frisky survey. Company co-founder Richard Longhurst said: 'I think this shows that we are all becoming far more relaxed and honest about sex
'It is healthy that outdated euphemisms for saying no such as 'I've got a headache' have largely died out. And it is great that most women love to have sex with the lights on and almost half of women say they make the first move.

'If we had conducted this survey 20 years ago, we would have got very different answers. I do think that the sexual landscape in Britain is changing fast, partly because of Fifty Shades of Grey. Women are become more sexually confident and assertive - and that has to be good news for their partners.'